Ride Guide

North Parkway:  $.50
South Parkway: $.50
Gatlinburg Welcome Center:     $.75
Dollywood: $.50
Dolly's Splash Country: $.50
Wears Valley: $.50
*All Day Pass (wristband)
Children 3 and under

* Day Passes can only be purchased at the Fun Time Trolley office. 


Daily 8:00 a.m. – Midnight
early March through October

Daily 10 a.m. – 10 p.m.
November and December

Closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Route Information

Main Street trolleys run every 20 to 25 minutes. Wears Valley trolleys run every 40 to 45 minutes. Dollywood trolleys run every 15 to 20 minutes. Dollys’ Splash Country trolleys run every 15 to 20 minutes. Gatlinburg Welcome Center trolleys run every 25 to 30 minutes. These times may vary due to traffic flow during peak tourism days, car shows and holiday weekends.

North Parkway (Click for map)

The North Parkway trolley leaves Patriot Park and travels north through Pigeon Forge and continues on into a portion of Sevierville. After traveling north to the Governor’s Crossing & Wal-Mart areas, it turns south again and returns to Patriot Park.

South Parkway (Click for map)

The South Parkway trolley leaves Patriot Park and travels north to traffic light #6 then turns westbound onto Pine Mountain Road. The trolley goes as far as the Mainstay Suites before returning to the parkway. This trolley then travels to the south city limits serving campgrounds in the area and the Dixie Stampede before returning to Patriot Park.

Gatlinburg Welcome Center (Click for map)

This trolley leaves from Patriot Park and travels non-stop to the Gatlinburg Welcome Center on the spur just outside of Gatlinburg and then returns to Patriot Park. The hours of operation for this trolley are subject to the schedule of Gatlinburg’s city trolleys. *This Trolley cost: $.75

Dollywood Trolley (Click for map)

Dollywood Trolley leaves Patriot Park and travels to and from Dollywood continuously. The Trolley runs thirty minutes before Dollywood opens and in the evening until everyone is returned to Patriot Park.

Dolly’s Splash Country (Click for map)

Splash Country Trolley leaves Patriot Park and travels to Splash Country and returns to Patriot Park.

Wears Valley (Map is not available)

The Wears Valley trolley leaves Patriot Park and travels north on Teaster Lane through the Pigeon River Crossings Mall & Riverview Mall area to traffic light #2 on the parkway. From light #2 the trolley proceeds to Community Center Drive, McGill Street and then onto Wears Valley Road where it services area campgrounds and other businesses as it continues westbound to the Pigeon Forge city limits before returning to Patriot Park by the same route.

Courthouse (Discontinued)

Effective March 1, 2014 the Courthouse route will be discontinued. We apologize for any inconvenience this my cause our Fun Time Trolley passengers.

Paratransit Service

All trolleys are wheelchair-lift equipped. Passengers in wheelchairs who cannot get to a trolley stop must make reservations for next day Paratransit Service by calling The Fun Time Trolley at 865.453.6444.*

The Paratransit Service* is a origin to destination, demand response transportation service for the mobility impaired in the Pigeon Forge and Sevierville area. Origin to destination service means the van will not drive on to private property, but must stay on public streets and areas. Drivers are allowed only to assist passengers in wheelchairs on and off the vehicle as needed.

* Advanced reservations required.


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